“Rehabilitation” is the legal process by which an Insolvent (a sequestrated individual) is relieved of the legal implications of being an Insolvent and restored to the legal status of a credit worthy consumer (a “solvent”). The process is also governed by the Insolvency Act (Act 24 of 1936).

Being rehabilitated allows you to take part in the economy again and to leave the past behind by clearing your credit record.

You are once again “credit worthy” in the eyes of the financial institution.

The requirements to rehabilitate are very clear and concise in the Insolvency Act. There are several sections in the Act which each have their own circumstances, requirements and time frames under which you can rehabilitate. A rehabilitation enquiry can be done at your Trustee.

If you have not applied to the High Court for a rehabilitation order within ten years since the date of sequestration, you rehabilitate automatically. The ten-year period runs from the date of provisional sequestration.

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